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Lucky Traffic School has tried to answer all of your questions before you even ask them, and they're available to you 24 hours a day! Before contacting Lucky Traffic School, it's important that you read the questions and answers in our Help Center below. Please read these frequently asked questions BEFORE you call us.

We think the Help Center is comprehensive, but if there is not an answer to your question below, just send an email to, and we'll answer your question.

I've never took online traffic school before, how does it work?

Our online course is very much like a book except everything is online over the Internet.  You will need to read a little about traffic safety, complete a few quizzes and pass a short "open book" final exam.  You can work around your busy schedule and complete as much at a time as you wish and then logoff and come back and do more until you are finished.

What is the advantage of an online course over a book or classroom course?

All the courses allow you to remove your ticket from your record.  Lucky Traffic School's online course is better than a book because it's immediate.  Your quizzes are graded automatically right in front of you so when you are done you are really done.  It's much better than a classroom because you can work around your busy schedule instead of wasting a whole Saturday in a classroom with 30 strangers and an instructor who will tell you when to come, when to go, when to take breaks etc.  With the online course, you will be done before you know it.  Also, there is no driving to a classroom so you save money on gas too.

The registration page mentions a Case/Docket Number.  What is that?

When you get a traffic ticket, the court will assign your particular case a unique number.  This number is called the Case number or sometimes a Docket or Citation number.  When Lucky Traffic School issues you a course completion certificate, it will have this number printed on it so the court knows which case to give the credit for the course (this is very important).  Usually this case number is on your courtesy notice but may appear on your ticket or was given to you when you paid the fine. If you can't locate this number, you should enter in a temporary number like your zip code and contact the court for the official number.  Lucky Traffic School uses the case number for you to login to the course therefore if you use a temporary number, it's very important you remember what the temporary number was.  You can always change it later on when you obtain the correct number.

I can't seem to fit the Case/Docket number in the registration page field.  What should I do?

The Case/Docket numbers digits and letters are the important part of the number.  If the case number won't fit because it's too long, try eliminating the dashes and spaces, the court will still understand it. Every time you login to Lucky Traffic School's course, you will have to type in your drivers license and case number so remember exactly how you entered in the registration page.

What different types of payment does Lucky Traffic School accept?

Credit and Debit cards are preferred: VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Lucky Traffic School also accepts personal checks and money orders, but you'll have to mail them to us and if you're approaching your deadline, you'll delay being able to take the final exam until your check clears. If you pay by credit card, we'll notify you that your payment was accepted immediately which will enable you to take the final exam much more quickly!

Where can I study and take the final exam for the Lucky Traffic School course?

Because Lucky Traffic School is an internet course, you do not have to go to the a classroom. Instead, you can take the course anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet.

Can I take Lucky Traffic School's course, instead of being forced to attend a classroom traffic school?

If you see Lucky Traffic School on the Court or DMV list of approved schools, then you can get your ticket dismissed when your court gets your completion certificate.

During what hours is the Lucky Traffic School course available?

Lucky Traffic School's course is available 24 hours a day, every day! Lucky Traffic school is more convenient that a classroom course because you set the class hours, not the instructor or the school!

Can I take Lucky Traffic School's course in more than one sitting?

YES! Lucky Traffic School allows you to take the course at times convenient to you. You can start and stop whenever you want. Do the course all at once or over several days. You're in charge of your time with Lucky Traffic School.

How would I login to Lucky Traffic School after leaving and returning?

When you're on the Lucky Traffic School home page, click on LOGIN. Then type in your drivers license number and your case or docket number EXACTLY AS YOU DID WHEN YOU REGISTERED. If you cannot log back in, look at the email you received confirming your registration.  If you would like to request another registration email, click here.

My due date is coming up fast. Can I have the certificate expedited?

Lucky Traffic School offers expedited delivery options. You will be informed of these options before the end of the course.

I'm at risk of being late. Can I get an extension?

Different courts have different policies on granting extensions. Your court can tell you about its policies on extensions. Extensions may or may not be possible. By finishing early, you give yourself the best chance to keep your ticket off of your record.

What is my due date?

Your due date or traffic school completion date is the final date the court gave you to complete this course.  This is typically NOT the date you must appear in court as indicated on your ticket.  The due date should be on your courtesy notice.  If you don't have a due date, figure 60 days to complete your course but you should verify this with the court.  You can always change this date in your registration profile prior to passing the final exam.

How long before my due date do I need to finish the course?

It's always best to finish your traffic school as far in advance as you can. Lucky Traffic School recommends that you complete the course more than five days in advance of your deadline just to be safe.

I understand the Final is open book and open note. I don't see a way to use the course to help me with the final exam. What am I doing wrong?

When you start the final exam, the course will display the exam in a separate window or tab from the Course Table of Contents. This will give you the ability to switch back and forth between the two if you need to look up an answer.

Most web browsers will be cooperative with this approach. Unfortunately, certain plugins like popup blockers can interfere with this approach and load the exam in the same window as your Table of Contents. If this happens to you, you can try to debug the problem but the best approach is to use another web browser. We recommend Firefox, Safari or Chrome and they are all free. Sometimes the Table of Contents window will be hidden behind the final exam window so make sure you double check for two windows.

What if there is a computer problem?

You can always send an email to We will need your name, drivers license number, case number and phone number. We'll either call or answer by email. In general, the internet can have temporary problems that clear itself up over a few hours.  We suggest you logoff if you are logged on, close your browser and try again a short time later before contacting us.  Internet glitches are another reason we encourage students to finish promptly and not wait until the last minute.

What kind of computer or software do I need?

You must have access to a computer with internet access. This includes laptops and tablets. No special software is required. We make it simple. Just an internet connection and a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox. If you are experiencing problems with one type of browser, we suggest switching to another type for the course.