Privacy Policy

  1. Your Data

Lucky Traffic School, Inc., gets information from you. It will use this information to conduct its business. This includes information to verify your identity and to meet requirements imposed by your court.

2. Contacting You

Lucky Traffic School might contact you about products, services or changes concerning Lucky Traffic School or your ticket.

3. Security

Lucky Traffic School has security protections which are intended to protect customers against the theft or abuse of your information we have. Lucky Traffic School uses electronic, physical, and procedures to protect computer-based information. Only authorized personnel are allowed access to your information.

Lucky Traffic School cannot guarantee there will be no theft or misuse of information. Lucky Traffic School works to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

Always log out of Lucky Traffic School and your browser at the end of each computer session. This makes it harder for others to see your personal information or correspondence with Lucky Traffic School. This will help you to protect yourself from others that might access your computer. This is critical if you're using someone else's computer.

4. Credit Card Data

Credit card information you give Lucky Traffic School is maintained and accessible by personnel authorized by Lucky Traffic School to access it. Lucky Traffic School does not provide credit card numbers to advertisers, but does provide it to a merchant service for the purpose of making a charge of the course tuition. Your credit card information may also be used to charge any expedited processing fees you may select. Credit card information is encrypted prior to transmission.

5. Advertisers

Lucky Traffic School may share aggregate data to third-party advertisers, or to pass through offers to those who register with Lucky Traffic School. Lucky Traffic School may disclose to those advertisers demographics of Lucky Traffic School users and the number of users and aggregate demographic information of those who click through to an advertiser's web site. Lucky Traffic School may provide third parties with anonymous survey results, but not individual's personal information.

6. Correspondence

If you make contact with Lucky Traffic School, a record of that correspondence can be kept. Lucky Traffic School will use that information to reply to the email. Lucky Traffic School can get and keep certain information. Also see Lucky Traffic School's Terms and Conditions.

7. Statistics

Lucky Traffic School collect and analyze user information in aggregate and statistical measures.

8. Online Forms

Lucky Traffic School may use your individual information user's data to populate a form.

9. Updates

Lucky Traffic School reserves the right to update this policy from time to time, so you should feel free to review it again later. This is the April 24, 2011, version.